We offer a service in which your EPOS data is stored safely within the cloud. The cloud runs on the internet, instead of locally on your computer. As a result, this allows you to access your EPOS information on any device provided you have an internet connection to connect your device to. This allows for optimised data management, as the EPOS systems provide a centralised system in which your business can rely on.

​Using our TouchOffice Web, we can provide you access to view your live and archive EPOS sales data, via computer, tablet, smartphone and more. This is the complete EPOS system solution and indispensable tool for any size of business. All data is formulated in the form of attractive graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify any trends or patterns. As a result, this can save you time and money that would be spent in manually creating these reports. This also provides as a fantastic means of spotting areas where your business can be further developed.

The cloud is an efficient method of storing your EPOS data as you don't have to worry about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance. The mobility of Cloud computing is just one of the many perks, enabling your team to collaborate and share files in a smooth real-time process; allowing your team to work together, no matter where they're situated. This contributes towards greater business productivity as a result.

​Through implementation of the cloud, you increase security as you don't have to worry about losing critical data due to natural malfunctions. As a result, the accuracy of your cashflow can be maintained properly as sales stats can always be referred back to. Smart EPOS will provide an easy setup process without taking up your time, this is because there are no physical local servers that need installing.

TouchOffice Web

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We take security very seriously, and so we can offer CCTV coverage for you premisis no matter the size! Including our HD cameras, on-site storage for quick playback and live online access to footage - that's pretty smart.


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