All our EPOS machines include EPOS software that allows for us to create a bespoke package that is dedicated to the needs of your business. The EPOS software built in will showcase all the products of your business and so our systems are fully customisable and personalised to your needs.


EPOS software combines order inputting, payment processing and reporting briefing all in one holistic approach. This massively improves the way your business operates because everything can be managed from one system. With the ability to refer back to previous sales upon our machine, the issue of misplacing important paperwork or documentation is removed through our EPOS software, as all sales are organised effectively.


The speed and accuracy of your transactional sales are also boosted which optimises the efficiency of your customer service. EPOS software maintains the price levels of your products accurately, preventing the possibility of payments being processed incorrectly as the element of human error is removed entirely. Consequently, this will save your business money because sales issue related costs are eradicated. Furthermore, as transaction times will be faster, this will enable your business to provide a greater customer experience too.


The built in EPOS software has the ability to generate quantitative analysis reports from all documented sales which provides a convenient and easy means of tracking the performance for your business. In turn, this gives your business the opportunity to develop and grow further.  This saves the time that would have been spent manually creating the reports, therefore you can focus more time on your growing your business.


Manual editing corrections can also be easily applied through our EPOS software, such as price changes or promotions that need setting up. This makes implementing changes a simple process that gives you full accountability for the management of your products.

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We take security very seriously, and so we can offer CCTV coverage for you premisis no matter the size! Including our HD cameras, on-site storage for quick playback and live online access to footage - that's pretty smart.


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