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EPOS Rental

Smart EPOS offers an EPOS rental service, which requires no large upfront payments, providing tills for short-term rental and long/fixed-term rental. With our EPOS rental service, you will also have an efficient support contract installed in place, in which you will have access to resolve any issues or concerns at no added cost. Our rental service allows you to spread the costs rather than having to pay a large up-front sum. 


The EPOS machines we use in our EPOS rental service feature a terminal screen which allows you to input and process orders through a touch screen. The software that is built into the machine will be bespoke to your business, it will only show items you have requested. The software is easy to use and organised.


With our EPOS rental service we can also provide additional pieces of kit that work together with the main EPOS machine, this can be a cash drawer, receipt printer or more. These extra bits of hardware will allow receipts to be prints and payments to be processed easily. Our EPOS rental service will help maximise the efficiency of your business operations, offering faster transaction times and increased order accuracy.


Our EPOS rental service is perfect if you are planning to host an event, party or festival! We have supplied EPOS systems to a variety of events throughout the West Midlands, like Birmingham Pride and SummerFest. Our short-term rental service allows you to rent any EPOS equipment you need for an event, this could be a till, EPOS software and a receipt printer. Our short-term EPOS rental service is perfect if you are hosting an event that is over a weekend. As well as our short-term rentals, we also offer a long-term rental, where you will be able to spread the costs rather than having to pay a large up-front sum.

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We take security very seriously, and so we can offer CCTV coverage for you premisis no matter the size! Including our HD cameras, on-site storage for quick playback and live online access to footage - that's pretty smart.

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