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Take Aways

Smart Epos can provide the complete solution for fast food outlets or quick service restaurants. This includes an Epos system, digital signage and online ordering. We can provide a complete package that allows you to take, process and deliver orders quickly and efficiently. 

Ease of Use
The software is simple for staff and temporary staff to use. They will be able to quickly operate the system with minimal training
Compete Online
Add a TouchTakeaway webshop to capture the online market with no transaction fees or commision
Prompt for upselling by adding quantity or upgrade options next to your products
Smaller Queues
With faster till operations and online ordering your queues will be kept a minimum

Seamless Integration

TouchTakeaway can be integrated seamlessly with your Epos and back-office software. All of the sales will be recorded in real-time and will be pushed through your till like a standard transaction. 

Digital Menu Boards

TouchMenu will sync with your Epos system to display a live digital menu or specials board that is always up to date. 

It will show your customers what is on the menu and what the price is. 

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 11.20.05.png

Touch TakeAway

Make online ordering easy with Touch TakeAway! Enable your customers to place orders through their smartphone, tablet or computer for delivery or click and collect. 

Customers will be able to browse your full menu at their own pace than being rushed whilst standing in a queue or on the phone, which could also encourage them to spend more.

Kitchen Languages
Print orders in multiple languages in the kitchen for staff with different primary languages
Give your regulars a freebie or a discount for being loyal when ordering online
View your orders when they arrive and either accept them or reject them
Online Reports
View your reports online no matter where you are. Control stock, analyse trends and make decisions. 

Other products our customers use:


The central part of any ICRTouch EPOS system for a pub or bar, effortless, reliable and cutting edge. 


Display open orders on a screen or monitor directly through your till allowing your customers to take a seat.


Online shop for your takeaway which is professionally built and integrated with your website, generating new revenue.


Real-time understanding of your business. Control stock, analyse trends and make decisions on any web-enabled device.


Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen to place their orders without the assistance of staff. 


Allows your customers to easily make table bookings online. Integrates with your Epos system in real time.


Orders can be displayed and edited in the kitchen on a large touch screen monitor.


An attractive way to display your menu which projects a professional image


This software monitors how customers and their spending habits, allowing you to plan and deliver promotions.

For more information on how we could aid your business

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We take security very seriously, and so we can offer CCTV coverage for you premisis no matter the size! Including our HD cameras, on-site storage for quick playback and live online access to footage - that's pretty smart.

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