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Wifi Solutions

In todays environment, your customs will want access to the internet at all times, but for free! A fast and secure connection is not only important for your customers, but it can also help you out as it can give you some insights on what your customers are like.

With free WiFi, you can ask your customers who they are, capture important details and then use this for targeted email marketing and social media marketing. 

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We're a proud reseller of Black BX Wifi, this means we collect data through your existing wifi and then give you the tools to run effective marketing campaigns that boost your sales, retention, reviews, acquisition and social following. Through using our wifi solutions we can provide you with customer insights which will help increase sales and returning customers.

We can help you visualise your customers; ages, visit frequency, dwell times, peak times and much more, we'll help you discover how much your customers are worth in real time.

You're in good hands with Black BX with over 8.8 million connections and 2.1 million registrations, Black BX are trusted by brands including; KFC, Ticket Master, Pizza Express and more. Lets boost marketing, loyalty and engagement.

Perfect for Table Ordering

Have you started taking table orders at your pub? Your customers will need Wifi to be able to place their order! 

If you are looking to take table orders, you will also need TouchTakeaway. This software allows your customers to make online orders whether they are sat at your pub or even at home. It integrates with your EPOS system so everything will update when your till does. 

Let us set up a Guest WiFi portal in your workplace!

Get in touch with us to start this process.

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