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Smart EPOS aim to provide the best system for your business’ needs. We understand that every customer is different, which is why we offer tailored EPOS packages that are specifically designed for you and your business in Worcestershire.


Whether you’re looking for a single EPOS system, different systems for different organisations or even till rentals, Smart EPOS can help. We can provide you with a top of the range EPOS system for your business in Worcestershire. We offer a variety of hardware packages to make sure they fit in with the environment of your shop, if needed we also offer rental packages with purchase options that suit you. Our support team in Worcestershire are always on hand.


We have now partnered up with BES Cash Registers. BES Cash Registers have installed a variety of EPOS hardware to cafes, shops, fast food places, pubs around Worcestershire. Now working together with over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to provide the best till system for business.


Smart EPOS are proud resellers of ICR Touch, the leading EPOS provider. ICR Touch offer a variety of software, with one specialising in the takeaway business, Touch TakeAway. This is professionally built and is seamlessly integrated with your website; it also provides a robust and user-friendly experience that helps generate new revenue for your business in Worcestershire.


We understand the importance of being able to access your businesses data wherever you are, so we offer a service where we will store your data safely within the cloud allowing you to access your EPOS information on any device as long as it has internet! Through TouchOffice Web you will be able to access your live sales data from your business in Worcestershire. To be able to see your data clearly, the information has been inputted into graphs and charts, allowing you to see any trends or problems for your business in Worcestershire.

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