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Do you provide table service? PocketTouch can make it easier! This EPOS software is a professional paper-free way to take your customers orders. Your team will be able to use a hand-held device that has been specifically designed for the hospitality and catering industry. 

Fast Service
TouchPoint provides a faster table turnaround as you can cover more per table 
No More Queues
Your team will be able to take orders at the table to prevent queues
Reduce Mistakes
By taking handwritten orders, you may make more mistakes, this software will prevent this
Informs your Staff
Your waiting staff will know what is on the menu and your kitchen will be informed of any special requests

Increased Sales

With PocketTouch you will be able to seat as many parties as possible, and you will be able to serve them faster. To improve customer turnaround, getting the order right the first time is crucial.

Your customers will also be able to pay the bill at the table and complete checks, saving more time. 

Floor Plans

PocketTouch also provides your staff with a multi-level floor plan. You will be able to assign names to tables and highlight the table to see the current status of their order. 

The floorplan will also allow the customer to sit where they like and transfer the bill to another table.


Serve Customers Faster & More Efficiently

PocketTouch allows your waiting staff to take orders from tables or queues which then go straight to the kitchen or bar, making sure your customers get a quick and efficient service. 

All order updates are also automatically updated to the bill, making the whole order process more efficient.

Do you need PocketTouch for your business?

Our team are always available to answer any questions you may have, get in touch!

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