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At the Grocery Shop



SelfService works well for businesses in the hospitality, takeaway, retail and healthcare sector. SelfService allows your customers to use the interactive touchscreen menu to place an order and then pay, without any assistance from your staff. 

Take Table Orders
Your customers can place their order at the table, speeding up turnaround time and increasing your profit
When the screens are in standby mode, you can use this as digital signage to promote your business
Upfront Payments
Payments need to be made up front, which reduces the risk of errors being made 
Drive Thru
Making orders and payments at the kiosk streamlines customer flow and frees up your staff from the intercom and till

Order Point

With a SelfService kiosk station, customers will be able to make orders independently. Depending on the placement of the kiosks you will be able to reduce queues and overcrowding at the counter. 

Whether you need wall-mounted touchscreens or table mounted tablets, we can help!

Dependable Service

You will always get a consistent service when using SelfService as it will not tire during its shift or make mistakes when it gets busy. 

Want to create a better customer flow for your business?

Contact us today! Our team are always standing by to help.

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