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We can make the way your kitchen receives orders a lot easier! With TouchKitchen, food orders will go straight to the kitchen which eliminates the need of paper. These orders will then be displayed directly in the kitchen, reducing mistakes as the orders will be clear and legible. 

Order Summary 
The ticket will include a summary of everything that is needed for the order
Time Management
On every order there will be timers which allow the chef to make sure the orders on time
No Lost Tickets
All of the tickets will go straight to the kitchen, making sure that no tickets or information gets lost
Link to Digital Displays
This will allow your customers to see when there order is ready or you can print tickets to waiting staff
Image by Fabrizio Magoni

Revolutionise your Kitchen

Making sure that your kitchen staff understand tickets is crucial to avoid mistakes. 

Your kitchen staff will be able to view, sort and pin orders. They will also know exactly what is on the order and how many portions of each item.

Complete Orders On Time

When your waiting staff take an order, it will go straight to the kitchen. Allowing the kitchen staff to easily view and manage each order and prepare the food straight away.

Kitchen staff will also be able to alert waiting staff when orders are ready to be served

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Is TouchKitchen something you need for your business?

We can help! Get in touch with our team, we will be able to discuss your business requirements

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