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With TouchLoyalty, you will be able to start rewarding your customers for always returning to your business. By engaging with your customers and building a strong working relationship, it encourages them to recommend them to others. 

Reward Customers 
Create a loyalty system that encourages your customers to keep coming back to your business
Stock Control
Create a points system for unused stock, allowing you to sell products at a discount
You can track your customer analytics which show their buying habits so you can create promotions that work
Control Multiple Sites
You're in control of all of your sites, whether you want to make changes to a single site or more!
Out Shopping

Endless Rewards

With TouchLoyalty, you can treat all of your customers! Whether you want to create promotions for regulars, members, VIPs or even staff. 

Create bespoke reward schemes to entice your customers to buy more.

Improve your customer relationships

You will be able to make promotions based on your customers spending habits, making sure your promotions always work. 

Shopping Mall Escalators

Create promotions for your customers with TouchLoyalty!

Our team are always available to answer any questions you may have, get in touch!

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