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Your TouchMenu will sync with TouchPoint which displays a live digital menu that is always up to date. Showing customers what is on the menu and the price. You can make the changes on the go or let TouchPoint remove items that are out of stock. 

Multiple Screens
Have multiple screens that can display different menus from just one terminal
With TouchMenu you can display happy hours or special items, when the till updates, so does the menu
Switch Menus
Rotate through multiple menus on your screen, switch between food and drink or breakfast and lunch
Sync with TouchPoint
When you make changes on TouchPoint, this will automatically update on your menu screens

Saving You Money

Save money and time with TouchMenu, as your staff will not need to re-write the menus all of the time.

The size, price and layout of your products can be adjusted at any time to show the information that you want. 

Bespoke to your Business

Your menu needs to match your business' branding, so TouchMenu allows you to add your brands colour and logos


Do you need TouchMenu for your business?

Contact us today! Our team are always standing by to help.

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