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TouchReservation allows customers to make bookings whenever they can using a smartphone or a tablet. 

TouchReservation made by ICR Touch will automatically allocate tables based on the number of guests. It allows front og house staff to allocate tables at the till, updating the floor plan accordingly. It also doesn't stop you taking bookings when your kitchen is closed and it doesn't panic when the dinner rush starts.  

Take Bookings 24/7
Your customers will be able to make bookings whenever they want from the comfort of their home
TouchReservation is bespoke to your business, you can change colours and logos to fit in with your website
Reduced Mistakes
TouchReservation and TouchPoint will sync together and share the same floor plan, so you're always up to date
More Staff
Your staff are free to do more jobs as they aren't tied up on the phone taking online bookings

Online Reservations

TouchReservation is smart, it won't allocate a party of 6 to your smallest table, it automatically allocates tables based on the number of guests. 

For customers who walk in or book over the phone, your front of house staff can allocate tables which automatically updates the floor plan. 

Want to see TouchReservation in Action?

Make Reservations on the go!

No matter where you customers are, they can make a reservation at any time with TouchReservation. 

TouchReservation is optimised for mobile devices, letting your customers book a table no matter where they are.

Mobile Phone User

Interested in TouchReservation for your business?

Get in touch with our team today! We are always available to talk and answer any questions about your business

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