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This is a pre-paid cashless card system which includes a secure wall-mounted box which can take online payments. There is also an account management portal, making it perform for schools, hospitals, prisons and factories. 

Faster Service
As there is no cash or credit card processing, queuing times will be reduced
This software will print or email you daily reports with how many people have used it
Multiple Accounts
If you are responsible for multiple accounts, you can control everything from one place
No More Theft
If your customers have to take cash out of their pockets, then this will reduce the opportunity for theft or bullying
School Building

TouchTopUp Box

With Touch TopUp you will receive a secure wall-mounted box that accepts coins and notes, this then transfers the cash value into a magnetic or contactless card.

The box accepts all UK coins and notes (up to £20). 

If the machine is full, has been damaged or requires maintenance, you will receive an email alert.

Online Account Software

You will be able to take a look at all of your customer accounts in one place!


You can manage and monitor accounts, view statements, review purchases or top up balances.

Financial Report

Is TouchStock something you need for your business?

No matter what your requirements are, our team will be able to help!

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