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TouchPoint is one of the most intuitive EPOS systems in the world, it has been developed over 15 years and is always improving. This software handles all of your requirements but scanning items, totalling the sale and can handle cash and card.


We can make sure that TouchPoint is adapted to your business, making sure that business always runs smoothly.

Easy to Use
With customisable button colours and images, this allows you to navigate your till easily
Bespoke to You
There are a lot of features that will work for your business, any other features can be made
When items are scanned, TouchPoint will prompt your staff to talk about other deals and offers
Staff can sign onto TouchPoint with a fingerprint, ibutton or card and all activity is stored on the till if you have to investigate any mishaps

Credit Card Payments

To complete your EPOS system, an EFT solution is a must-have addition for payment transactions.

Our team can help make sure that your business can provide quality, fast and secure transactions so your customers can pay how they want to pay.


Even during unforeseen events, TouchPoint will make sure that your business still runs smoothly.

TouchPoint works without the internet, allowing you to still make sales if your broadband fails you. If your power fails, your data is still safe and the last transaction is stored securely.



Most theft comes from outside sources and most businesses will have processes in place to stop this, but what about insider theft?

TouchPoint will help you detect, deter and mitigate the threat of fraud and insider theft.

Do you need TouchPoint for your business?

No matter what industry you are in, we can provide the right EPOS solution for you!

Get in touch with our team today.

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